Friday, August 17, 2007

The Kerala Sisters

The South Film industry was just wondering where the next star would come from. Sridevi, the omnipresent star of South with complete dominance in both Tamil & Telugu, was just then exploring her waters in Bollywood. Tamil industry had ofcourse the likes of Sripriya, Radika and Madhavi but then they too were fast waning stars. And just when the industry was getting desperate to have someone who could stand upto the supreme screen prescence of Rajini and kamal, two sisters were creating ripples in kerala. And the ripples were mild. Too mild. Because , kerala was almost aloof from the commercial ventrues of the rest of the South. But the sisters had placed their first tenattice foot and slowly and steadily, the rest of South started taking notice. And the eminent star spotter Bharathiraja was the first one to spot the star in a young mallu teenager. And he took her in his movie Alaigal Oyvathillai and promptly named her Radha, ofcourse in line with his R series heroines. The series by itself was quite legendary with Radika, Revathy were all part of it.

The junior sister was the first to place her foot in Tamil industry. Aliagal Oyvathillai released in 1981. The young heroine, the teenage mallu took everyone by storm in her very first movie. Her expressive eyes, the bubbly cheeks, the round and innocent face, the boldness to expose and not so bad acting skills all at once drew attention. When the movie was made, there was just talk of the young hero Karthik, the eminent actor Muthuraman's son , who was making his debut. it was a movie of Bharathiraja to launch karthik. But when the movie released radha drew as much attention as Karthik, if not more.


Anonymous said...

Wow such a detailed history of my favourite actress from the 80's. I always loved her delightfully cute expressions and graceful dance moves. She had the best figure among the contemporaries in the 80s too.. Her acting skills got better with every movie she acted in. I wish her the best wherever she is for providing such great entertainment for moviegoers.

Anonymous said...

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